eWealth Frequently Asked Questions and Answers!

Q. What is eWealth?

eWealth is a mobile application that generates passive income by connecting users to exclusive investment opportunities.

Q. Why should I Join eWealth?

eWealth allows you to save money, make passive income from our private eWealth ecosystem, and access exclusive investment opportunities that may improve your financial situation. eWealth will generate passive income until you are ready to invest your money.

Q. How do I get started with eWealth?

eWealth is designed to generate passive income and connect you to exclusive investment opportunities. All you need to get started is 5 minutes and $0.99. When you are ready, simply download the app at http://onelink.to/wqzpgx and sign up.

Q. How often does my eWealth account generate profits?

The eWealth app generates profits daily from the eWealth ecosystem and automatically credits it into your eWealth accounts making it available for instant withdrawal. Also, eWealth Members that keeps their account subscription activated are rewarded with additional profits that are credited into their eWealth accounts “Membership Value”.

Q. What is the difference between an eWealth User and Member?

eWealth Users have regular eWealth accounts that requires a positive deposit balance to generate passive income daily from the eWealth ecosystem. eWealth Members have activated eWealth accounts that permanently generates passive income from the eWealth ecosystem regardless of their deposit balance, receives membership and special profit rewards, and grants them viewing access to OLDRICH, LLC’s investment portfolio. You can learn more about eWealth membership benefits by visiting www.oldrichllc.com/ewealth-membership-agreement/.

Q. What makes eWealth different?

eWealth is designed to generate daily passive income to users of all income backgrounds by connecting them to exclusive investment opportunities. Here’s how:

  1. eWealth allows you to open an account with $0 minimum and takes less than 5 minutes to open.
  2. eWealth does not charge you any deposit, maintenance, or add-on fees.
  3. eWealth does not collect or store your bank information.
  4. You can deposit and withdraw profits from your eWealth account with no restrictions.
  5. eWealth insures every money that you deposit into your eWealth account through a facilities agreement with OLDRICH, LLC.
  6. eWealth allows you to participate in exclusive investment opportunities including stocks, bonds, investment funds, peer-to-peer lending, foreign exchange, cryptocurrency, bank products, retirement, saving for education, insurance, real estate and much more.
  7. eWealth offers a special membership reward to subscribed Members that credits them a daily and permanently recurring passive income from our continually growing eWealth ecosystem.
  8. eWealth offers 24/7 customer support through chat, email, and phone.

Q. What is LEVERAGE%?

Your eWealth account's "LEVERAGE%" determines how much profit it generates daily from the eWealth ecosystem.

Q. What is ZPU?

The Zita Processing Unit or "ZPU" is our proprietary algorithm that processes the eWealth ecosystem to generate passive income.

Q. What is Fund Deposit Balance?

Fund Deposit Balance is the money deposits that you made into your eWealth account. The higher your Fund Deposit Balance, the more daily passive income that your eWealth account generates from the eWealth ecosystem.

Q. Why does my eWealth account have an Intrinsic Value?

Every eWealth Members account have an Intrinsic Value. It is the sum of their monthly membership payments and grows in value when demand for the eWealth ecosystem rises. It is used to calculate their "LEVERAGE %" and "Membership Value". The higher your Intrinsic Value, the more daily passive income that your eWealth account generates from the eWealth ecosystem.

Q. What is Membership Value?

Membership Value is a daily membership reward that the eWealth ecosystem credits to the available profit of subscribed eWealth members based on their "Intrinsic Value". 

Q. What is SIL Profit?

SIL Profit is the daily passive income that your eWealth account generates from the eWealth ecosystem of passive income producing assets.

Q. Can I withdraw money from my eWealth account whenever I want?

For the most part, yes. You can withdraw your available profits and deposits with no restriction. Refer to our eWealth Membership Agreement at www.oldrichllc.com/ewealth-membership-agreement/ for more information.

Q. How is my money used in eWealth?

Your deposits and profits are held and borrowed from by OLDRICH, LLC until you are ready to withdraw it for personal use or to participate in one of our advertiser's investment opportunities. 

Q. How can I close my eWealth account?

In order to close your eWealth account, simply log into your account settings and submit a request to close it.

Q. Does eWealth store my bank information?

No, eWealth does not store your bank information. We use global leading companies like Google, Apple, Stripe, and PayPal to authenticate, process, and store all card payments. The only information we store are your name, phone number, email address, and mailing address for identity verification and business-related use.

Q. What are the account fees?

eWealth doesn’t charge any deposit, maintenance, or add-on fees. The only fee we charge is a $6.00 monthly membership fee that is charged only to our eWealth Members that have activated their eWealth account.

Q. What happens to my eWealth account if OLDRICH, LLC goes out of business?

We plan on remaining operational and growing from generations to generations. However, if any unforeseen incident does happen to force us to close down, you will maintain control of your eWealth account until your fund deposits and accumulated profits are completely transferred to your choice of payment account (only PayPal, Venmo, and Square Cash App are accepted). Contact us via email at [email protected] to learn more about how we insure your eWealth account.

Q. What tax documents should I receive?

Inside the eWealth app, you can access your accounts Transaction History to view and export the transaction logs of your daily generated passive income. You can use those transaction logs to calculate and report your profits from eWealth when filing your taxes.

Q. How do I transfer funds to my eWealth account?

You can deposit and withdraw money from your eWealth account by visiting the Money menu page inside the eWealth app.